Davken was founded in 1995 with the sole purpose of providing high-quality services to residents in long-term care facilities.  Our psychologists are carefully selected and always go the extra mile to provide our patients with the best care possible.  We provide our team with individual training to address the unique needs of residents living in long-term care facilities. This facilitates and helps maximize our work with this population.  We do everything in our power to provide exceptional service.  Helping our patients is not just our job but our passion and our mission.

Psychotherapy Services

Oftentimes residents at a long-term care facility may experience mental health or behavior issues due to a change in their environment and lifestyle. Our clinicians provide one on one sessions with the residents to address a number of these issues. This includes depression, anxiety, adjustment issues, and other problems they may be experiencing. This assistance allows those residents to attain the highest functioning level possible and improve their quality of life.


Neuropsychological Services

These tests are specifically designed tasks that are used to measure cognitive and psychological functions linked to particular brain structures. This provides an improved understanding and treatment for the residents.