Our Story

DAVKEN was founded in 1995 with the sole purpose of providing high-quality psychological services to residents in long-term care facilities. Our psychologists are carefully selected to go the extra mile so we can provide our patients the best care possible. At Davken, exceptional service is not just our job but our passion. And because Davken has been working with this population for decades, we have developed highly specialized protocols and procedures that address the unique needs of the residents living in those facilities. During training, we share these tools with each of our psychologists to help them achieve maximum results. As a result of our efforts, Davken has earned an outstanding reputation in the long-term care industry among owners, administrations, staff, and residents.

About Dr. Kenneth Fils

Our Services

Psychotherapy Services

Oftentimes, residents living at long-term care facilities may experience mental health or behavioral issues due to changes in their environment, lifestyle, or other issues. Examples can include loss of regular contact with family or friends, medical and physical problems, financial changes, memory issues, etc. Our clinicians provide one on one sessions with these residents to help them address those problems in a supportive and caring manner. Our psychologists are equipped to deal with depression, anxiety, adjustment issues, and a host of other emotional problems residents often experience in these settings. Receiving assistance by trained professionals allows those residents to attain the highest functioning level to improve their quality of life.


Neuropsychological Testing

These tests are a specifically designed series of tasks that are used to measure cognitive and psychological functions linked to particular brain structures. By providing greater insight and understanding of a resident’s neuropsychological functioning, the clinician is able to work more effectively when treating the resident.


Telehealth Services

Davken is set up to provide psychotherapy services over the phone or more commonly, online so that patients and clinicians can work with each other virtually. This allows long-term care residents to receive psychological services over a wider geographical range.